Yuuki Obata (Bokura ga Ita)'s new series "Forget me Not"


Yuuki Obata's new series "Forget me Not" has been published in the current issue of Cookie magazine. The story revolves around a high school girl, Umeno, who attempted suicide jumping in a river because she's been bullied. She survived and now in the hospital she'll meet patients of her generation that will encourage her daily and give her the strenght to go on.

A preview of the first chapter is available here.

In the same issue Miho Obana's series "Honey Bitter" restarts.

A collection of horror oneshot stories has been published along with the magazine, titled "Cookie Horror Show".

Source: Comic Natalie

Hazuki Megumi's new series "Boku no Robot"


HAZUKI Megumi's new series "Boku no Robot" ("My Robot") has started on Betsucomi issue no. 08 released on July 8th.
The story revolves around a girl who is the wealthy Rei-kun's robot. What kind of relationship will have those two!?

On other news, Nanba Atsuko's Sprout TV Drama adaption has started on July 7th. More info (cast, runtime, etc) check this website.

Margaret Issue n° 15


"Chitose Etc." by Yoshizumi Wataru has reached the final chapter on the current issue of Margaret magazine. The first chapter was published in 2009 in the issue n° 19 and the serialization lasted three years. The 7th and last volume will be published on September 25th. This romantic comedy is about a girl Chitose who transfers from Okinawa to Tokyo to chase the boy she likes.


"Konna Hatsukoi" (This first love) is a new series by IWA Chika.

"Ouji ka Prince" by TOUMORI Miyoshi has also reached its final chapter!

Aya Oda's new series "Kimi to Rakuen ROOM"


Aya Oda's new series has been published in Petit Comic magazine. The current issue has been released on July 6th.
The series, "Kimi to Rakuen ROOM" (You and the paradise room) revolves around a 26 years old girl who has just purchased her new apartment after breaking up with her boyfriend. But the first day of moving she found another man living in the same apartment...a new relationship is about to begin!

Kamisama Hajimemashita adapted into anime!


Hana to Yume magazine announced that the ongoing manga "Kamisama Hajimemashita" will be adapted into an anime. This manga by Julietta Suzuki is still ongoing with a total of 12 volumes published and licensed in english by VIZ.

The anime will be produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Akitaro Daichi.

More info to come.

Official website (japanese): here

Minase Ai's new series

The prologue of Minase Ai (Namida Usagi)'s new series "Honey wa Hatsukoi" (Honey First Love)  has been published in the current issue of Sho Comi's magazine released on April 20th. The story revolves around a "childhood love" of a fifteen years old boy and girl who grew up next door. The prologue tells the story of what happened 5 years before.
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Dakara Koi to Yobanaide's last volume and Yoshiko Fujiwara's oneshot

Yoshiko Fujiwara series "Dakara Koi to Yobanaide"'s last volume has been released in November. The series counts a total of 5 volumes.

Yoshiko Fujiwara's oneshot "Katakoi Wakusei" has been published in the current issue of Cheese! magazine. Her new series will start in the March issue of the magazine to be released in January 24th.